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#3 – Mini cross stitcher in the making

I just had to blog and share this with you all!

While I was sat doing my cross stitch this evening, my 20 month old daughter Ruby – Ann came to investigate and to see what I was doing. When I put my hoop down on my lap to cut some more thread from my bobbin I noticed she was pretending to stitch 🙂

Ruby was placing her fingers above the fabric with her fingers together, then she would lift her hand up. Ruby kept doing this over and over. I think I have a mini stitcher! Won’t be long and I will be able to get some pretend needles and binca 🙂



#1 – I have a cross stitch finish!

On 4th October 2014 I begged my hubby to take me to our local Hobbycraft store. I so badly needed a Christmas themed cross stitch kit. When we got there I picked up a few different designs but couldn’t decide on a final one. You know how it is when you go into a store and see loads of things you absolutely love? Well that’s what happened to me I wanted everything but I had a budget and promised I would only purchase one thing.

Eventually I settled for a Dimensions kit called Santa’s secret. It was absolutely gorgeous!! When we got home I was desperate to open it! I was a bit taunted at first as there were things in the instructions I had never heard of before and there were also metallic threads which I had never stitched with before!

Anyway an hour later I got stuck in and started it! I loved every bit of this pattern! Even the couching of the glasses which really stressed me out! I was so eager to finish my WIP (work in progress) in time for Christmas! I even had a bet going with my husband. He thought I wouldn’t get it done in time, I soon proved him wrong though! Then on the 4th of December I finally got it finished! I’m ever so proud of him. I think he’s a wonderful Santa and his eyes seem to have a twinkle in them! Here he is all ready to be framed!