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#5 – Puppy’s and cross stitch don’t mix..

This is my puppy buzz. Don’t be fooled by his cuteness! It’s all a cover story!! He’s been a naughty puppy today!


Recently I purchased a DMC magnetic board and I had this floss shaped magnet with it. I loved this magnet it was my favourite


This is what it looks like now 😦


The magnet was stuck to my board holding my chart in place. The little rascal climbed on to the sofa pulled it off my board and chewed it to bits.

Buzz will be getting coal in his stocking this Christmas!

#4 – My plans for 2015…

Hello readers,

2015 is about to approach us, I thought I would blog all the things I wish to start stitching throughout 2015. I have quiet a list and probably won’t get everything finished by the end of 2015 but I can certainly have fun trying 🙂

Here we go. My most want to stitch projects for the coming year…

The first thing I plan to stitch is a kit called “A kiss for Mommy” by Kustom Crafts. I will be starting this on January 1st 2015 for a New Year SAL (stitch along) and I can not wait! I’m so excited to start it. I bought this as a kit from


Second thing I want to stitch is a HAED (Heaven and earth design). This pattern is called “Watching it fly” and it’s the mini version. The artist is Zindy Nielsen and can be purchased from


My 3rd chosen project is a very cute little dragon. This piece is another HAED. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I can’t wait to start this one. This pattern is called “Rain Dragon” and the artist is Lisa Victoria.


For my 4th project I really want to stitch the “once upon a time sampler” by the frosted pumpkin stitchery. I absolutely love all their designs, they are really adorable. But I defiantly want to do this one in the future.


So as you can see I have quiet a few projects I want to get started now I just need to save enough money to buy all the materials 🙂

Would love to see what you all have planned for 2015!

Thanks for reading 🙂

#3 – Mini cross stitcher in the making

I just had to blog and share this with you all!

While I was sat doing my cross stitch this evening, my 20 month old daughter Ruby – Ann came to investigate and to see what I was doing. When I put my hoop down on my lap to cut some more thread from my bobbin I noticed she was pretending to stitch 🙂

Ruby was placing her fingers above the fabric with her fingers together, then she would lift her hand up. Ruby kept doing this over and over. I think I have a mini stitcher! Won’t be long and I will be able to get some pretend needles and binca 🙂



#2 – My current WIP

Hello readers,

I just had to share my current WIP (work in progress) with you all. Lately I have a thing for owls! As soon as I seen this little cutie I had to stitch it! I think you will agree he is just adorable! My little owl is starting to take shape now and is stitching up really quickly! I plan to add my daughters name to it and get it framed for her bedroom for Christmas. My intention is to make her something every single Christmas 🙂


This is a free pattern. You can find it here